Stitches by Susan J

Custom Quilts & Infant Accessories

Welcome to Stitches by Susan J. 

I invite you to take a few minutes and view my photo galleries.  These are just a sampling of my work.

Sewing has been my hobby since I was very young; sewing doll clothes on my child size Singer sewing machine, advancing to sewing clothes for myself on my mother's Pfaff,  taking sewing lessons and eventually sewing my first quilt when I was 19.  Although I have dabbled with other crafts, sewing has been a constant for me.  Over the last several years, my main focus has been baby quilts, blankets and baby accessories. 
My work is custom, so no two quilts are identical.

If you have any questions, see something that sparks your interest or are interested in having a quilt, blanket or accessory made, please contact me at

Thank you for stopping by!

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